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Personalized Property Care by Helena Mathews

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Helena Mathews is an accomplished real estate professional boasting more than 13 years of extensive experience within the industry. In her capacity as a seasoned real estate broker, she offers a rich reservoir of knowledge and expertise. Proudly rooted in Saint Pete, Helena possesses an innate familiarity with the local market dynamics, enabling her to navigate complexities with finesse.


Complementing her professional background, Helena’s tenure as a United States military veteran imbues her work ethic with principles of discipline, dedication, and unwavering integrity. This unique blend of experiences underscores her commitment to excellence in every facet of her endeavors.

Helena’s ethos revolves around a personalized approach, wherein each property and client is accorded the utmost care and attention. She espouses a philosophy of treating every transaction with the same level of diligence and consideration as if it were her own, consistently exceeding expectations to deliver unparalleled outcomes for her clientele.

Redefining Vacation Rental Excellence

We redefine the vacation rental experience in Florida, prioritizing exceptional comfort, personalized service, and unforgettable moments. With meticulous attention to detail and an unwavering commitment to excellence, we set a new standard for unforgettable getaways.

Elite Eagle Vacation Rentals
Elite Eagle Vacation Rentals